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International Language Academy Manila. A premier language school in Makati City, Philippines. Enroll now!!!

International Language Academy Manila (I.L.A.M.) is a premier language school in Makati City, Philippines whose mission is to provide quality education to professionals and non-professionals aiming to be proficient in English.  The school takes pride in its ESL/EFL courses such as:  Functional Grammar, Conversation, Business Writing, Business English, Pronunciation, TOEIC review, etc.  which are all taught in a multidisciplinary setting to ensure comprehensive skill development in the four areas of communication (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).


Apart from teaching English, the school also intends to inculcate strong intercultural awareness among its students by integrating outdoor activities in its curriculum.  As an academic institution, ILAM takes to heart its responsibilities in promoting education and tourism in the country, which is the reason behind its partnership with the Department of Tourism, TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), and the Bureau of Immigration.  It aims to show its foreign students how much the country has improved, and that the Philippines is a place where they can always find another home.


ILAM goes beyond the technicalities of language…… It offers students the opportunity to foster a deeper understanding of various cultures and thus, enables them to appreciate more the beauty of language as they get to communicate and interact with different people. 

Make learning English fun and memorable.  Learn English at ILAM.



The school prides itself for having a curriculum that specializes in teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and other English courses ranging from Beginner to Advanced including:


Mastery Course (Progressive Curriculum) - This program is designed for people in need of a continuous type of learning. It is divided into eight (8) levels from Beginner to Intermediate Level. This course covers a complete set of topics necessary to attain fluency in English. Rules in grammar are taught in multidisciplinary settings to ensure comprehensive skill development in the four areas of communication. The course is divided into two levels with four sub-levels each:

o Beginner Level (1-4) – modules under this level aim to develop students’ ability to describe activities and events using common words and phrases, simple learned expressions and questions in familiar contexts. Students are also expected to recognize different time elements after a series of practice and be able to answer questions related to routine survival situations.

o Intermediate Level (1-4)– modules under this level aim to help students express themselves better using slightly complex sentence structures. Vocabulary building exercises, reading passages, dialogues, conversation activities and discussions are integrated in the program.

Conversation Skills Enhancement Program (Con-SEP) –
This program aims to improve students’ ability to express themselves by increasing their vocabulary range and enhancing their discourse management skills. Interesting topics are embedded in the program to make discussions fun and meaningful.

Accent Neutralization – This program is designed to help students communicate better by developing a more neutral accent through a series of pronunciation drills, auditory discrimination activities, and other oral exercises

Intensive Grammar – This program is focused on helping students improve their writing skills by learning the intricacies of grammar.

Business Writing – This program provides students the skills to communicate better in a professional setting through the effective use of the different types of correspondence.


TOEIC Review – This program is a preparatory course for those who aim to achieve a high score in the TOEIC test. The course focuses on Listening and Reading exercises.

English for Specific Needs – This is a theme-based module intended for intermediate learners aiming to study English given a specific context.

IELTS Review - This program aims to help students pass the IELTS exam by enhancing their skills on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Test taking strategies are also discussed in the program.

Tagalog as a Foreign Language – This program is specifically designed for those who intend to stay in the Philippines for a certain period of time and would like to communicate with the locals using the Tagalog language.

Filipino Culture Orientation - This program aims to give foreigners an overview of the Filipino culture, which includes the Filipino society’s customs, etiquette, manners, etc.

Communication Skills Improvement (CSI) for Call Center Agents – This workshop is intended for those who would like to pursue a career in the call center industry. Some of the topics highlighted in the program are:

• The Customer Service Mindset
• Listening and Probing Techniques
• Proactive Customer Service
• Handling Difficult Situations


Communication Skills Improvement (CSI) for Secretaries and Front Desk Officers - This workshop aims to help companies build a good impression to their clients by training their front liners on how to answer business calls and deal with customers.


Contact Details:
3rd floor Makati Creekside Mall, Amorsolo Cor. VA Rufino St. Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines, 1229
Telephone Number: +632-8400284 / +632-8400285 / +632-5053544
Cellphone Number: +639174717389
Email Address:

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International Language Academy Manila. A premier language school.
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